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Our successful software for your re-commerce site

With our online re-commerce system you can offer your clients a comfortable way to sell games, electronics, dvd's, music and more to you. Our re-commerce software offers you many automated tasks to take the work off your hands to software.

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additional features

Favourite Domain registration
We also offer domain services - you can order several national and international domain names with us. A transfer of an existing domain name to us is also possible.
Sell at marketplaces like eBay or Amazon
Your purchased items can be automatically be sold at marketplaces like Ebay or Amazon. You define automatic rules your selling price is calculated and your items will show up immediately at different marketplace sites.
Layout selection
Choose from our different predefined layouts the one which fits to your desired product group and your company design.
Your smartphone App
We also offer the development of your smartphone re-commerce App. With this App your customers can sell their items direct by placing the order on their phone. Your clients can also use the App Barcode scanner to sell articles faster usingthis product code.

Your advantage - our solutions

Customer proximity

We think best solutions appear when you maximize customer proximity and know exactly your customer needs. Our support team can help you with all problems by setting up or running your re-commerce site. Expensive support packages or expensive callcenters is not our understanding of customer service. Our experts can be reached directly and offer consulting by telephone or e-mail from monday to friday.


Our re-commerce software is successful running for different customers for more than 5 years. Our solution is proven by market and customer needs and we can also add special functionality depending on your individual needs. Our re-commerce software is based on our successful Ipilum shop software which serves clients for more than 15 years.