Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

How long do you need to setup my re-commerce site ?

If you use one of our standard layouts, your site can be up and running within 2-3 working days. Individual designed layouts will take more time since we have to create your design, convert it to html and setup your site using our CMS.

Do i have to manually setup each article i want to purchase in your system ?

No, using our re-commerce system we offer you access to a database of more than 2 million products. Product categories like electronic, games, music, books and more are covered.

Do i have to edit my desired purchasing price for each product ?

No, our re-commerce software automatically scans the actual market prices for each product. Based on the actual market prices you can set percent values your purchasing price is calculated related to actual market value. More information about this feature you find on our site's category "Features".

How can i submit my price offers to price comparision sites ?

We offer you a webservice for delivering your prices to different purchase price comparision sites. Price comparision portals can request your prices using this webservice.

Can i support my clients with parcel labels for convenient sending me the product ?

You can use our interfave to DHL Retoure online to supply your customers with an e-mail containing the link to his personalised parcel label.

What are my options for applying search engine optimization (SEO) techniques for my site ?

Using our CMS system you can apply page titles, meta tags like description and keywords and the content to each of your websites. Additionally, a XML sitemap for inclusion in search engines will be generated.