configurate your re-commerce system

re-commerce system

Basic system

Includes the recommerce/acquistion system, the administration-backend and the following features

Domain name with the ending .de

If you want to know the prices of other domain endings like .com or .org, just contact us.


Installation, surveillance and maintenance are done by us


Create different accounts with individual access authorizations


An overview that shows you the different statuses will help you to handle your acquisitions comfortably.


Create your own product-branches or edit already existing ones.

CMS system

Allows you to change your website content yourself.

Blocking list

Articles that you want to exclude from sale can be put in a blocking list.


Buy goods in your store.


The web-service is enabled to allow price lookups by your associates.

Status request

Create status requests that the customers can see on your website. This way the customer can determine the price of a product even better.

E-Mail template system

Make sending E-Mails as easy as possible by using templates.

Printing/ dispatching documents

Documents can be generated as PDF, which you can either print or send them via E-Mail.

Label Printing

Keep track of everything and create labels to manage your articles.

E-Mail client

Send and receive E-Mails straight out of the system. E-Mails can be automatically assigned to certain orders.



An overview of the available layouts can be found HERE

Design modifications

Modifications of one of the pre-built templates. This means the modifications of the logo, the colours of the shop plus 2 more hours of work. Content has to be generated by the customer.

Individual desktop laylout

Tell us your wishes and our graphic designer will build you a distinctive and unique layout.

Individual responsive layout

By using a responsive layout mean that your website can be illustrated on a mobile phone. The layout will automatically resize itself to adapt to the screen size of the phone.

Smartphone / Tablet Apps

Apps for Android and iOS

Gain additional customers and facilitate the process of selling products to them. You can easily scan the barcode of every product you want.

Additional functions


Set individual storage areas for different articles, so you can find them faster the next time. With our stock-management you manage multiple stocks, shelve-rows, shelves and so on.

Partner websites

Generate even more acquisitions by implementing and acquisition-function on the websites of your partners. You and your partner can negotiate the provision for each sale. In addition you will get a billing-overview. The monthly fee depends on the number of partners you have.

DHL return tickets

Give your customers return tickets so they can easily return items.

DPD return tickets

Give your customers return tickets so they can easily return items.


With the newsletter module you can send newsletters to all your customers or just a specific group.


Reattach your customers and create some vouchers that can be redeemed at the shopping cart.

SEO package

Creation of meta titles and descriptions for your website, creation of a sitemap and login to the GoogleSearch Console, embedding Google Analytics for elaborate analyses.

Open asset administration through SEPA export

Don´t lose track of your unpaid acquisitions. Thanks to the SEPA export function you can transfer the money to your customers easily.


Export your article-data for the import to separate systems like Sellberbase, Sellermania, Plentymarkets, Clousale, Totalseller and many more.

SSL Certificate

SSL Certificates are used to establish a secure encrypted connection between a browser and the server. If you order this feature you get an active SSL Certificate for one year.

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12 months
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Prices are net excluding VAT.
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